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Montreal Toronto

101-2260 Ave. Aird
Mtl, Qc.

a beautiful play of light and shadow on an wall with classical trimming
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    Alex Lesage
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Clean edges and sharp angles come together with soft green cabinetry and white oak hardwood, instilling a sense of serenity and elegance throughout the space. Standout black Vaste furniture pieces, make a bold statement, adding a touch of visual impact to the overall composition. This carefully curated interior seamlessly blends geometric precision with natural tones, resulting in a sophisticated living space that balances visual intrigue with a tranquil atmosphere.

The tame stool against a sage green kitchen island
a Cove chair hiding in the back corner of a living space
A detail view of the Nord table and chairs in all black
Cove chair in black sheepskin next to fireplace

Vaste is a selection of durable furniture that fits naturally in everyday life.

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101-2260 Ave Aird
Mtl, Qc. Canada

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